It’s easy to see why hardwood remains one of the most popular floor choices, for both residential or commercial properties. The installation and maintenance of hardwood flooring enhance the beauty, reduces noise and adds value to your property. Our professionals will provide quick and efficient services, using high-quality materials and modern equipment to install, repair, refinish or sand your hardwood floors.


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    Ready to start enjoying the beauty, durability and luxury of hardwood flooring? Our professional installers can deliver the high-quality installation you deserve. Don’t trust your investment to less-qualified workers. Cleanable Solutions has the professional knowledge and equipment for proper, lasting installation.

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    Over time, hardwood flooring can become worn and damaged, either from neglect or mishap. However, many floors can be restored to their former glory by our professional refinishing services.

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    Everyday wear and tear, foot traffic and spills can dull the finish on any hardwood floor, causing the protective coat to begin to break down, lose its luster and be less effective at protecting the hardwood beneath. Over time, floors will begin to show ugly stains from moisture and allow wear directly to the wood surface. At this point, a complete refinishing may be necessary.

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    Why put up with unsightly gouges, stains and defects that detract from your floor’s appearance? Our hardwood floor repair experts can analyze your situation and offer an estimate to return your floors to their once-pristine condition.

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