Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing in Chicago area

If your hardwood flooring becomes damaged by too many years of neglect or an accident, you’ll need our professional refinishing services. Damage from dropping or dragging heavy or sharp objects can gouge or indent the floor deeply enough to require repair. Absorption of water can cause swelling that results in an uneven surface. Other, normal wear that goes untreated for too long may result in uneven spots in the floor, open seams and raised grain.

All of the situations above require complete removal of the old finish by sanding down to the bare wood, patching and sealing any defects in the hardwood, then applying stain or sealer, followed by a fresh satin or gloss finish. The sanding process is aggressive and can do permanent damage to your floors if done improperly. Our professional staff, modern equipment and high-tech materials assure you of the best possible results and a quick turnaround.


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About Floor Finishes

The finish on your hardwood floors consists of an optional colored stain, covered by a durable, transparent sealing layer. This layer is most commonly referred to as polyurethane, since that finishing product is the most widely-used today. It’s important to know, however, that urethane finishes are available in several varieties and that other finishes are sometimes used, including varnish, shellac, oil finishes and acrylic sealers. The amount of sanding required to remove a finish depends somewhat on the type used.

We offer three choices of hardwood finishing products when refinishing:

  1. Oil-based polyurethane: This product has traditionally replaced varnish and shellac over the years. It is extremely durable and available in a high-gloss or satin sheen. Its disadvantages include a relatively strong odor until cured and a tendency to yellow slightly with age.
  2. Water-based polyurethane: This more recent formulation of urethane is also available in both satin and gloss finishes and has very little odor. It is somewhat less durable than the oil-based variety and less dense, so it requires additional coats. It also has less tendency to yellow.
  3. Alcohol-based sealer: This finish, while often called alcohol-based polyurethane, isn’t a true urethane finish, but is also clear, durable and very fast-drying. It has a strong odor until dry.

All of the finishes we use require approximately 3 hours to dry between coats. Full curing takes approximately 24 hours for oil-based urethane, during which time no foot traffic should be on the floor. We ask that our clients leave the premises during the application of oil-based and alcohol-based finishes, because of the odor.

The Refinishing Process

Our hardwood floor refinishing process is as follows:

  • Sanding: We use state-of-the-art power sanding equipment to expertly remove all of the old finish and minor damage to the hardwood as well as leveling the surface.
  • Filling/Patching: Gaps between boards, deep gouges and other imperfections are filled.
  • Re-sanding/Cleaning: After a short drying time, the floor is re-sanded with a finer grade to remove excess filler and scratches and create a smooth surface. The floor is then carefully cleaned to remove all dust and residue.
  • Staining (optional): If a darker or different color is desired, we apply a high-quality stain to the flooring.
  • Finish Coating: Multiple coats of your choice of finishing products are applied (2 coats for oil-based, 3 coats for alcohol or water-based finishes). When dry, the finish is buffed between coats to ensure a smooth, even finish.

As you can see, proper hardwood floor refinishing is a painstakingly careful process. You’ll appreciate the care and quality of workmanship our experienced, conscientious professionals bring to your home. You’ll love the results, with your floors looking like new and protected Contact us for a quote for our professional refinishing services today!

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