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If you’d like to add the visual impact and lasting quality of hardwood flooring to your home or commercial property, our Chicago professionals will deliver the kind of top-quality installation you deserve. We’re equipped to handle basic installations quickly and efficiently, using only the best modern materials and equipment. Your new floors will increase the value of your property, deaden noise and give your rooms the ambiance that hardwood is known for.


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What to Consider

Before choosing a flooring material, there are a few points to be considered. The two most important of these are:

  1. Ground level: If the subfloor (the floor the new hardwood floor is to be attached to) is below ground, such as in a basement, the possibility of water seeping into the floor or through basement walls is increased. This susceptibility to moisture means the risk of damage to your floor or the adhesive used in its installation. Because water can be absorbed into solid hardwood, most building codes require engineered flooring for below-ground installations.
  2. Substrate: The subflooring material that your floor will be bonded to affects both the installation method and the type of flooring that can be installed. Even in above-ground installations, concrete can periodically absorb moisture. Because of this fact, the application of solid hardwood flooring directly to a concrete slab requires the installation of a moisture barrier.

Plywood or OSB are suitable subflooring materials for direct installation of hardwood. This type of floor is common in pier-and-beam or pier-and post construction. Occasionally, this type of wood subfloor is installed over a concrete slab (after proper moisture proofing) to allow a solid hardwood floor to be installed.

The subfloor should, of course, be solid and level for the installation of a solid hardwood floor. Concrete can be leveled by filling low spots with a self-leveling compound intended for the purpose. Any sags or bulges in wood subfloors should be repaired, replacing sections as necessary.

Locking engineered flooring may be installed over slightly uneven subfloors as a “floating” floor. This usually involves the application of a pad/barrier and placing the interlocking floor on top with no permanent attachment required.

Our Installation Procedure

Our hardwood flooring local experts from Chicago will first inspect the job site and assess the requirements for installation of your floor. We’ll make certain that all the requirements are met for the type of floor to be installed, or recommend the type best suited for your situation. We’ll ensure that the finished job will meet building code specifications and the highest quality standards.

We do not perform major repairs to subfloors or structures, but can perform minor leveling procedures and seal surfaces to prepare them for the hardwood floor installation. Our professionals can also install proper moisture barriers where needed.

The method of installation will vary according to the type of flooring installed. Engineered floors can often be glued directly to concrete if the slab is sufficiently level. Some solid hardwood products may also be applied with a direct glue method, provided that moisture absorption is addressed properly. Solid hardwood can be nailed directly to a plywood or OSB subfloor. Our tools and methods assure you of minimal waste and secure installation.

After installation, solid hardwood flooring and some engineered products will require sanding to provide a smooth, level and open surface. We take all necessary precautions to contain dust from this operation, to protect your home and family. To complete the installation, we apply any stain necessary to provide the desired color and your choice of our three available finishing products. For more information on these options, see the “About Floor Finishes” section of the Hardwood Floor Refinishing page.

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Don’t risk a DIY installation or trust your investment in a hardwood floor to just anyone. Our expertly-trained professionals can do the job right for less than you might think. Contact us for an installation quote!

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