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Whether you have a wood-burning fireplace or gas log fireplace, it will require periodic inspections, cleaning, and repairs to preserve its integrity and ensure its safe operation. Buildup occurs in all types of fireplaces, requiring chimney sweep services to remove debris like creosote, soot, and carbon, which can cause unpleasant odors and even fires.

Chimney cleaning and inspection schedules can vary depending on the frequency of use and whether your implement is a gas log fireplace or wood-burning; however, the Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends annual servicing for preventive maintenance. Cleanable Services provides Level 1 cleaning and inspection services in Chicago at affordable prices. We service, inspect, and offer cleaning services for chimneys many types of fireplaces including vent-less gas log cleaning.


The Benefits of Chimney Cleaning and Chimney Sweep Services in Chicago

Wood Fireplace Chimney Cleaning – As wood burns, it expels creosote, which works it way up the chimney, adhering vast amounts of these black particulates within the flue. Creosote is flammable. One spark from a fire catching hold of accumulation can ignite the creosote resulting in a chimney fire. Creosote tends to leave behind an unpleasant smell that lingers, but it can really take over the home if there is a lot of buildup, making fireplace cleaning beneficial for those with allergies, children, or breathing sensitivities.

Preventive measures including a wood fireplace chimney cleaning and chimney sweep are wise investments, and even the periodic burning of “creosote removal” logs are recommended between inspections and cleaning services. Neglected chimneys filled with hardened creosote are far more difficult to clean and typically require a roto-cleaning to remove the glazes. However, with regular Chicago chimney sweep services, Cleanable Services’ trained technicians can inspect and handle your wood fireplace chimney cleaning quickly and professionally.

Gas Log Fireplace and Vent-Less Gas Log Cleaning in Chicago

Safety is the biggest factor in gas log fireplaces regardless of style, and the most important part of our gas fireplace cleaning and inspections involve checking your gas lines, connections, and the safety pilot and shutoff valve. Anything from a small fire to an explosion can result from improperly installed or malfunctioning gas fireplaces, making both gas log and vent-less gas log cleaning and inspections once per year a must!

Gas burning fireplaces leave behind noxious carbon deposits rather than creosote, and Cleanable Services can quickly remove this debris from your fireplace, chimney, and even handle any replacements of your vermiculite logs and embers and reset them during our gas log fireplace cleaning services.

Complete Chimney and Fireplace Cleaning Services in Chicago

Cleanable Service’s Level 1 Cleaning includes a completely dust-free cleaning process for wood, gas log fireplaces, and vent-less gas log fireplace. We provide a complete inspection of your fireplace, flue, connecting lines, and chimney before performing a thorough chimney cleaning and chimney sweep from top to bottom – all to your complete and guaranteed satisfaction!



For wood burning make sure to use creosote log after every 5-7 uses.


Make a sign with “damper is close” and put it in the fireplace after each use.


For gas logs make sure not to open the gas valve all the way, may burst a big flame on you.

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