What is an ozone generator?

Oxygen molecules can be turned into Ozone through the high voltage electrical charge emitted by an Ozone Generator. Ozone is considered an unstable gas; therefore it is unable to exist for more than a very short time. Natural forces cause the third oxygen atom of Ozone to break free, causing all bacteria, viruses and pollutants to become oxidized. This process destroys all bacteria, viruses, and mold. All that remains after reactions with ozone are the harmless compounds of pure Oxygen (O2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and Hydrogen (H2). The introduction of low levels of ozone produces cleaner air to breathe.

Why use Ozone?

First, Ozone can be safely used at very low levels for air purification to make the air smell fresh and clean. Low levels of Ozone can also help kill airborne bacteria and purify the air.

Second, Ozone can be used at very high levels, in unoccupied rooms, to help sanitize them of mold, bacteria, and serious odors. If an area has serious odors, or is suspected of having a bacterial contamination, it is strongly advised to pre-treat an unoccupied room with High Ozone Shock Treatment.

Lastly, Ozone can help treat the bad smells in your carpet, clothing, and car.

We recommend your home be unoccupied during ozone treatment

Ozone Generator

If you have the following problem in your home:

  • Bad odor when entering a new home
  • Smokers in the hose
  • Mold growth in the house
  • Bad smell in the air duct
  • Allergies (running nose, burning eyes, headache and more)
  • Bad smell in your car

We will recommend using ozone generator.


The treatment process

A tech will arrive to your home and will assess the damage or problem you have at the house, by viewing the problem area

    There are ways to treat a damaged area:

  • Apply an access hole in the main duct line and attached a 1” hose that connected to the ozone generator.
  • Contain the area for one room and apply the ozone generator for the damaged area.

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